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Sana Kalim

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

Sana is a second-year medical student at the Faculty Of Medicine, Kuwait University with hopes of pursuing a career in medicine with specialisation in Neuroplastics in the future. In 2019, she graduated as Senior Prefect following the completion of A-Levels in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. She was awarded the ECIS Award for International Understanding from Kuwait English School.

Sana has also completed studies in a variety of subjects including Medical Emergencies and EMT Foundations. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, resistance training, marathon training, baking, architectural design and research. She is also a member of the Space Generation Advisory Council; a non-governmental organisation which embodies students and young space professionals to the United Nations, States, and space agencies.

Within the organisation, she carries out her role as a website designer and head of partnerships whilst taking a particular interest in overseeing the management of administration, finance, and compliance teams. She is currently creating and editing all of the majority of the graphical content being uploaded onto our website and controls all partnerships and investments made to the team. Sana works on individual partnerships to arrange and hold partnership meetings, deliver administrative aspects of plans, supporting managers as they review and appraise partnerships.

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