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Roaa Al Saqabi

Chief of Community Outreach

Roaa is a second-year BS Medical Science student in the faculty of Medicine at Kuwait University. As a driven individual, she has joined our project- providing leadership and managerial skills, aiming to help the project succeed. Her passion for medicine, healthcare and volunteer work is present as an organizing helper at the National Training Program for Covid-19 management courses, constructed graphs regarding Covid-19 incidence rate for the MOH, and acting as a representative of batch 2019 at the FOM. This further supports her belief that volunteering will help improve the environment we are living in- spreading the message of spreading care without expecting something in return.

Roaa is the chief of community outreach, responsible with supervising and managing an international team of community outreach coordinators within the Procare Project Organization. Her responsibilities include communicating with clients or employers regarding project, event or campaign expectations and goals- gathering and analysing feedback as well as setting goals. She is tasked with supervising the distribution of projects-organizing documentation, and maintaining deadlines as well as the budget.

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