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Minuli Aaisha Matheen

Fundraising Team Executive

Minuli Aaisha Matheen is currently taking Biology, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Math, Chemistry and English Language at Canterbury Girls' Secondary College. She is aiming to choose a field close to Math and Science at either Melbourne University or Monash University. In joining the Procare Project Organisation, Aaisha aims to gain the necessary skills to flourish her leadership and teamwork skills. With her creativity, determination and ambition Aaisha aims to bring creative and effective fundraising plans etc. In addition her strong work ethic ensures that all the plans are all strong, effective and to the best standards. Aaisha has many amazing characteristics which delights us to have her a part of the team and the progress of The Procare Project Organisation moving forward.

Her role within the Organization is to coordinate fundraising strategies and is in charge of developing and supporting major fundraising programs.

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