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Kimaya Kadam

Fundraising Manager

Kimaya is currently studying Economics, Business, Math and Geography for her A Levels at Kuwait English School, seeking to complete a BA in Economics or International relations within the United States of America at UC Berkeley in the future. In joining the Procare Project Organization, she aims to gain the necessary skills required in the working world- with the confidence that she will be able to monitor budgets and develop result driven fundraising plans, she hopes to continue working on her leadership skills as well as learn new skills along the way. With an ambitious attitude, strong teamwork skills and perfectionism- she strives to complete her goals to the best of her abilities. Her passion for the project is shown through her excitement to be able to partake in something which she can see grow and evolve.
Her role within the Organization is to coordinate fundraising strategies and is in charge of developing and supporting major fundraising programs.

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