Our Goals

What we do?

We are divided into different 'Chapters', directly focused on various countries of the world. 


Each 'Chapter' has 'Projects', often named in dedication to our inspiration behind our projects. Within each of our projects, we hope to accomplish three core goals: 
Each project has a certain goal depending on the highest risks seen in the population at large, but all events are conducted at all access areas.



We strongly believe that health education has the potential to save millions.
In saying so, we hope to increase health education within the population. We work closely with qualified health professionals and specialists to produce all of our materials facilitated through thorough research, and recruit volunteers to curate content.
We aim to provide personalizable interactive programs for each of our projects brought to you by in-person,  online live delivery, and educational syllabi. 

Raise Awareness

We publish educational articles, blog series, awareness posts, posters, and videos on our website and other platforms, all of which are freely available to the general public, courtesy of our Creative team.

Our Community Outreach program aims to connect with numerous local organizations, namely student associations, which allow us to have a local lens on the issues at large, and support local groups. They also work to increase the distribution of printed information leaflets, packets, and posters to schools, universities, hospitals, and more sites accessible by the general public.


The ProCare Project's Compliance team works in conjunction to curate healthcare policies.




Our Fundraising and Finance Team aim to create memorable events and programs in various areas of the world as well as online to raise funds. We allocate our funds not only to increase the distribution of our academic material but also to sponsor and provide assistance to those in need of health care, in association with our partners. We work closely with our partners to provide funding for the cost of medication, disease testing and doctor's appointments to those who can't afford it - focusing mainly on orphanages, homes for the elderly and the homeless community.